Kaloni specialists in eyebrow restoration in men and women

Unparalleled results in eyebrow design and recovery.

With Kaloni’s Technique we can restore bald zones in various parts of the body, allowing us to make follicular micro-grafting even in sensitive zones like the eyebrow. Implanting follicle by follicle, we highlight and give expression of both eyes and to the face itself.

Restauración integral de ceja

Integral Restoration

Whether due to genetic causes, excessive depilation, the effects of certain medications or diseases, we offer you a long-lasting and integral solution for restoring your eyebrows so that they will have the perfect shape for your face.

Having sparsely bushy eyebrows is a characteristic that is growing in both men and women. Loss factors vary, ranging from genetics to accidents; negatively affecting the lives of those who suffer from it.

Técnica artesanal

Unparalleled Results

Our specialists implement the Kaloni’s Technique like true craftsmen, controlling angle, direction and depth to ensure that the results have a natural look. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the aftercare is very simple.

Bushy eyebrows according to your face! Schedule your query here.

Meet some of our success stories

Antes del microinjerto de ceja Después del microinjerto de ceja

Luis came to Kaloni because of his lack of eyebrows and he wanted to give them more density and filling. He required micro-grafting to obtain a better appearance of them.*

Antes del microinjerto de ceja Después del microinjerto de ceja

Our patient required micro-grafting to fill and give density to both eyebrows, which caused greater expression and a better look.*

Antes del microinjerto de ceja Después del microinjerto de ceja

Ana required micro-grafting to fill her eyebrows, making them denser and thicker.*

(*)3. Results may vary. All testimonials presented above are real and were written by patients, clients or actual followers of Kaloni Holding Group S.C. and do not attempt to represent or guarantee that any person will achieve similar or identical results. Please note that the results of treatments and procedures may vary from person to person due to differences in particular health conditions, genetics, post-treatment care, and other factors.

Microinjerto de cabello

Hair micrografting*

Our procedures under Kaloni’s Technique has reached eight thousand grafts per session. We extract follicle by follicle, considering the necessary elements to give hair a natural look and avoid subsequent fall.

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Diseño de barba y bigote

Want to grow a beard? Or a moustache? Kaloni is the answer.*

Men ask themselves this questions all the time or how to finally get that facial hair that they've always wanted but don't worry, in Kaloni we have the final answer.*

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