Kaloni: the latest in micro-grafting to prevent hair loss

The best solution in prevention and hair restoration.

Our procedures, with the Kaloni’s Technique, can go up to 8,000 grafts per session. We extract each follicle at a time, taking care of all the elements needed to give the results the best natural look so we can avoid it´s later fall out.

Microinjerto de cabello
17 years of experience

More than nine thousand satisfied patients support us

With more than 17 years of experience in hair micro-grafting, Kaloni with his innovative solution have reached more than nine thousand patients.

We are the clinic that performs more grafts per session, always taking care of the comfort of the patient and looking for what he seeks, getting his hair back.

Sin cicatrices, suturas o bisturí

All the benefits, minimum discomfort

With Kaloni’s Technique the procedure is painless and the scars are barely visible after healing since we don’t cut or make use of a scalpel, so no stitches are required.

Thanks to the help of specialized micro-instruments we can extract grafts one by one, ensuring the careful extraction and implantation is done painless.

Especialistas en soluciones de ceja

Eyebrow restoration specialists in men and women*

With Kaloni’s Technique we can restore hair loss areas in different parts of the body, allowing the follicles micrografting even in delicate zones such as eyebrows. Placing follicle by follicle, we give enhancement and expression in the eyes and the face itself.

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Diseño de barba y bigote

Want to grow a beard? Or a moustache? Kaloni is the answer.*

Men ask themselves this questions all the time or how to finally get that facial hair that they've always wanted but don't worry, in Kaloni we have the final answer.

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