Men micrografting, growth of beard and mustache with Kaloni

A full beard? Bushy mustache? Kaloni has the solution.

Many men wonder how to have a beard or how to grow a mustache when there is little facial hair growth. We have the solution , because success of the Kaloni’s Technique has led to successful applications in other areas of the body, allowing the micro-graft of follicles in a sparsely bushy beard, covering of scars on the face or body, or providing you with greater density and a better design for the moustache or eyebrows.

Restauración de barba

Integral Restoration

The Kaloni’s Technique allows for restoration of the full beard, the fine instruments designed specifically for implanting follicles allow the specialist to execute designs that follow the natural facial growth patterns. Also, this technique is the best solution in cases of cleft lip scars

Having a sparsely bushy or poorly distributed beard is a recurrent concern among men.

Diseño personalizado

Custom Design

Our patients express their preferences and expectations so that a variety of alternatives can be made towards determining the final design during the implantation process. This gives us excellent distribution of follicles and better density.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the aftercare is very simple. Our specialist will check the donor zone to have an estimated quantity of the follicles required to achieve the desired design.

Full beard, goatee or just mustache are just some of the possibilities that the patient can assess according to the desired style.

Know some of our success stories in capillary micro-grafting

Antes del microinjerto de barba Después del microinjerto de barba

Patient shortage of facial hair in beard and mustache. Micro-grafting was conducted to give density and fill in blank areas.*

Antes del microinjerto de barba Después del microinjerto de barba

Patient with cleft lip scar and shortage of facial hair. Micro-grafting was used to cover and fill the area of the mustache.*

Stop asking yourself how to have beard or how to grow a mustache, make up your mind to micro-grafting as our patients.

(*)3. Results may vary. All testimonials presented above are real and were written by patients, clients or actual followers of Kaloni Holding Group S.C. and do not attempt to represent or guarantee that any person will achieve similar or identical results. Please note that the results of treatments and procedures may vary from person to person due to differences in particular health conditions, genetics, post-treatment care, and other factors.

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