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01What are some hair micro-grafting techniques?

There are several micro-grafting techniques for restoring hair; the most important are:
· FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) known as the strip method.
· FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) known as hair micro-implant or hair micro-graft.
· Kaloni Technique: With more than 17 years of experience, using the FUE Technique as a base, Kaloni has developed and implemented multiple improvements to this technique.

02What exactly is hair micro-grafting?

Micro-grafting consists of moving the hair follicle that is genetically resistant to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)—the main cause of hair loss—to areas where there is a baldness problem. This follicle behaves the same way wherever it is placed on the head, so that once it is placed the implanted follicle will hardly fall out.

03What areas can donate hair for implantation?

The ideal follicle for hair micro-grafting is from the occipital part of the head (neck) because of its genetic condition, but with the Kaloni’s Technique other body parts such as the chest and back.

04How long does a hair micro implant session last?

It depends on the number of hairs to be implanted and of every patient.

05Is hair micro-grafting permanent?

The transplanted follicle from the neck, chest or back contains genetic information that determines that the hair will not fall. This behavior lasts regardless of where it is implanted. Non the less, the results may vary in every patient.

06Who is recommended for hair micro-grafting?

Men and women of all ages, after appraisal by a specialist who will determine whether if it is the right time to do a micro-graft or begin a preventive treatment instead and monitor the progress of the case.

07Do hair micro-grafts look natural?

Yes. The micro instruments used for implanting hair manage the extremely important factors of angle, direction and depth.

08How much time do I need to recover my hair?

An assessment by our specialists determines the number of sessions and the treatment that each patient needs; one is usually enough. The patient's recovery after the procedure is immediate, the micro-graft evolves gradually, and we can see a significant change by the sixth or seventh month. We can observe the final results after one year.

09Is it painful?

Most of our patients are comfortable during and after the hair micro-graft procedure. Occasionally, a patient may indicate having felt discomfort, which disappears with the use of common analgesics.

10Will there be scars?

No for the 99.9% of the time, since the fine instruments we use are specifically designed to remove hair without the need for cutting the scalp and without sutures. Similarly, the implanter is designed for performing hair micro-grafts with minimal invasion.

11Anesthesia is used?

Only local anesthesia; the patient can sleep, listen to music or watch television during the procedure without feeling pain in the treated areas.

12Are there risks or complications?

The procedure is very simple and is carried out at the dermic level, so that no core function of the body is involved and patients can resume their normal activities the following day.

13Is there hair micro-grafting for women?

Yes. Around 30% of women experience some type of alopecia and/or thinning of hair in their lifetime. In a woman's case it is not common for the frontal hairline to be lost, so it is thought that baldness is very rare in women, but what happens is that it can be more easily disguised.

Micro-grafting for women works as successfully as it does with men. If the patient is not a candidate for a micro-graft procedure because of the type of alopecia they have, our specialists can determine the type of treatment to be followed with very satisfactory results.

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