For problems of baldness: Kaloni hair restoration treatment

Natural results for baldness problems.

Técnica Kaloni

Kaloni has more than 17 years of experience

Specialized medical doctors and state-of-the-art technology comprise the most advanced and effective solution against hair loss.

Limitted pain

Our technique works, leaves barely visible scars and the pain is limitted due to lack of the scalpel.

Natural-looking and long-lasting results

The hair follicles are implanted by hand, taking care of the direction, angle, and depth to assure excellent results, always guided by the natural hair growth of the patient.

Top quality VIP service

We create the most comfortable environment so you can rest, watch movies, browse the web, or just listen to music, while you are in the procedure. We put special attention in every detail so you can get the quality service you deserve.

Immediate recovery

99.9% of our patients cases can be reinstated to their regular activities the next day.

Personalized review of your case

Our specialized medical team will review your case so we can determine the solution that suits you best.

Integral treatment

We created a line of unique bio-smart products that helps improve hair quality through engrossing the follicle.

Top the art micro-instruments

Using Kaloni's cutting-edge micro-instruments, we optimize the extraction and implantation process avoiding the use of forceps or the excessive handling of follicles.

The donor zone can be either the head, chest, and/or back, since the micro-extractor works individually on each follicle. No follicular unit is damaged, in contrast to other methods where the extraction process can damage up to 30% of the grafts. One of the perks of this technique is the eyebrow, beard, and moustache implantation.

Our procedures are performed under local anesthesia in specially designed rooms that meet all the necessary regulations, in adherence to the strictest standards of quality and by highly qualified medical staff. Our doctors do not make any incisions, no scalpel is used, and there is no pain or scars.

Diseño de barba y bigote

Kaloni, integral solutions to every hairloss problem*

Are you looking to prevent or restore your hair? In Kaloni we have a series of solutions to help you!

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01What are some hair micro-grafting techniques?

There are several micro-grafting techniques for restoring hair; the most important are:
· FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) known as the strip method.
· FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) known as hair micro-implant or hair micro-graft.
· Kaloni’s Technique: With more than 17 years of experience, using the FUE Technique as a base, Kaloni has developed and implemented multiple improvements to this technique.

02What exactly is hair micro-grafting?

Micro-grafting consists of moving the hair follicle that is genetically resistant to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)—the main cause of hair loss—to areas where there is a baldness problem. This follicle behaves the same way wherever it is placed on the head, so that once it is placed the implanted follicle will hardly fall out.

03What areas can donate hair for implantation?

The ideal follicle for hair micro-grafting is from the occipital part of the head (neck) because of its genetic condition, but with the Kaloni Technique© other body parts such as the chest and back.

04How long does a hair micro implant session last?

It depends on the number of hairs to be implanted and of every patient.

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