Kaloni's Technique the best treatment for hair loss with baldness specialists

A technique improved by Kaloni against baldness

Carried out with minimal invasion of our specialized instruments our procedure consists of the careful removal of individual hair follicles. With just five easy steps you can start recovering your hair.


1. Make a consultation with our Hair Graft specialists

Using a specialized microscope we can calculate the density of the donor area as well as the receptor ones
The evaluation process is very detailed, we take into consideration all aspects of alopecia and the specific needs of all our patients. This first step helps determine the cause of hair loss in order to give the most appropriated treatment. In cases where the thinning process of the follicle cannot be reversed with Kaloni Complete® treatments, the Kaloni Technique© is the best choice for restoring hair.


2. Follicle extraction

Using a specialized micro extractor, genetically resistant follicles to hair loss are removed from the donor area. Once extracted, the follicles are prepared for implantation. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, it is carried out under local anesthesia. For the comfort of some patients, we can avoid shaving the donor area unlike other techniques.


3. Specialized preparation

Once follicles are obtained, they are classified by hair number under the microscope. Kaloni's Technique was the first in implementing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), nourishing and strengthening the follicle with growth factors, helping to accelerate and improve the natural healing process.

These steps improve the follicle's quality, ensuring the best results in the implantation.*


4. Micro-implantation

Each hair is implanted taking in account the complex hair growth patterns. Our medical specialists' experience and dedication during this process results in natural-looking and long-lasting results.

We consider the angle, direction, and depth of each follicular unit to be a fundamental factor, to assure the natural-looking we follow every area growth pattern.


5. Whole procedure follow-up

From this moment on, our medical specialists will look after your hair and it's health, making sure you look the way you want to look; giving immediate and proper treatment to any kind of scalp disorder and also offering complemental treatments. Giving you the utmost care in order to assure the best results.

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Do you still have doubts? We have some useful information*

In Kaloni we know you're anxious for starting this new trip and for that we bring you this section of Frequent Asked Questions so you can know more about subjects such as: Hair restoration, how to fight hairloss and so much more!

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Forget about other solutions to recover your hair*

Kaloni's Technique results garantees a natural look and lifetime results. The new follicules are implanted manually so you can immediatly favor your face features and knowing that they'll never fall again.

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