Kaloni, specialists in treatment of hair loss

World-class services with specialists in hair loss.

Kaloni is an active member of the most important hair restoration institutions in the world: ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), ESHR (European Association of Hair Restauration) and AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons).

The high demand of patients with hair loss and more than nine thousand success stories, caused the opening of new clinics in Monterrey (the first branch out of Mexico City), Tijuana, San Diego, Altavista, Satélite, Polanco, Veracruz and more recently in Bogotá. Always looking for being near our patients all over the world.

We are a medical center specialized in Hair Restoration that is deeply committed to its patients, offering them integrated solutions for high impact hair loss, top-quality service and costs adapted to their needs.

Our recognition at international level is the product of innovation capabilities and the perfecting of our exclusive hair micro-graft technique, the "Kaloni Technique®".

The constant development has allowed us to create a range of bio-intelligent products especially designed for the treatment of scalp disorders, using only high quality, certified reusable materials and natural ingredients.

Clínica Kaloni

KALONI from the Greek "καλλονή" which means beauty. We took that concept to create the best version of every patient. Not just considering the way he visualized himself in the past, but upgrading him in the future. We create the best version of each one of our patients.

"My idea is to form a space where world class hair restoration services are offered through new techniques, specialized products for capillary care and hair restoration procedures, but above all, considering the body-mind relationship, which is fundamental and inseparable, therefore is essential that the results feel as good as they look outside."

Dr. J. Ariel Díaz R / Kaloni Holding Group Co-founder


Achieving with excellence the improvement of our patient's quality of life and physical looks; with world-class services, surpassing their expectations with highly train staff.


Be global leaders in the hair restoration industry, with an extensive portfolio of quality products and services.


In every procedure and interaction with our patients, we look forward to surpass their expectations.

Human warmth and customer service

Intrinsic characteristics of our Organization.


Constantly looking for better practices and strategies.

Honesty and loyalty

As a main part of our organization’s sense of service.


That translates in human growth and organizational outcome.

Ténica Kaloni

Know the steps of Kaloni's Technique*

In Kaloni we've developed our own technique so we can provide you the best results in a shorter time. Find out more and start changing your life now!

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Diseño de barba y bigote

Kaloni, integral solutions to every hairloss problem*

Are you looking to prevent or restore your hair? In Kaloni we have a series of solutions to help you!

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