The first robot to stop hair loss is now in Kaloni

Minimally invasive hair micro-grafting .


Always ahead in technological advances and hair loss solutions, Kaloni hair restoration, the leading medical center in micro-grafting makes history with the latest innovation; the robot assistant for hair transplantation.

"Kaloni's mission is to offer the best solutions for all of our patients, to achieve this, we have incorporated advanced technology that, while it may not replace the work of our doctors it does keeps us ahead and leading the business with top of the art alternatives for hair restoration".

Dr. J. Ariel Díaz R / CEO and founder of Kaloni Science Center

This robot, is a medical device of high medical engineering that assists medical doctors in the process of extraction and implantation of the hair grafts. It has been approved by the FDA other international regulation institutions, supporting Kaloni’s commitment in offering the best alternatives to its patients.

The robot uses HD digital images to map the scalp area, tracing hair groups and analyzing each follicular unit. The precision of this robot makes the extraction of the hair units a very delicate process, so it retains the natural look. Furthermore, the robot is constantly monitoring every head movement that might be present and it adapts accordingly.

Among the main characteristics of the robot we can find:

  • High robotic precision: for a precise and exact movement
  • Image guidelines: Stereo digital images that follow movement
  • Digital display: follicular following in 3d format
  • • Visual control: adjusts itself in a dynamic manner to the patient’s movements.
  • Selective extraction mode: to keep the natural look of the donor zone
Robot para transplante de pelo
Dispositivo médico de alta ingeniería
Aprovado por la FDA
Avanzada tecnología

Robot procedure steps:

1. Clipping and mapping:

The donor zone is shaved so the robot can make the digital map.

2. Anesthesia:

The doctor applies local anesthesia.

3. Tracking:

The robot system tracks the area digitally, analyzing the position of each hair group.

4. Extraction:

With medical supervision, the system extracts the follicle in the donor zone. This step is repeated until it gets the necessary number of follicles.

5. Transplant:

Taking advantage of Kaloni’s vast experience as well as the expertise of our medical personnel each graft is strategically placed in order to achieve the unique design that each patient requires.

6. Follow up:

Implanted follicles will grow naturally. Kaloni has a lifetime follow up service to assure that the new hair grows healthy and properly.

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