The best Kaloni team of specialists in micrografting

A highly trained, multidisciplinary medical team is responsible for carrying out all the procedures. Our hair consultants are being trained continuously in order to provide the best hair restoration alternatives for all our patients.

The Kaloni team works every day to make your experience pleasant and satisfactory. In the case of hair micro-grafting procedures, we always consider the patient's condition before the unknown, therefore, we provide an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort that allows them to go through the restoration process without stress or discomfort.

Meet some of our highly trained specialists

Dr. J. Ariel Díaz Ramírez

Associate Director of the Kaloni Science Center. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, a graduate of the Institute of Reconstructive Surgery Jóse Guerrero Santos of the University of Guadalajara. In 1995 he ventured into micro hair transplant surgery with the "strip method" known as FUSS (Follicular United Strip Surgery), a method that he practiced until 2004. In that year, after constantly searching for innovation and improvement of the technique, he founded Kaloni Hair Restoration, a restoration and innovation center in the area of hair micro-grafting. He is a member of the "International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery" and the "European Society of Hair Restoration."