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Kaloni Holding Group, S.C (KALONI), located in Avenida Vasco de Quiroga 3900, Tower B.P.4, Col. Lomas de Santa Fe, Del. Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05300, Mexico City, is responsible for retrieving your personal data, the use and protection of them, according to the "Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares".

Your personal information will be used to provide you with the services and products you have requested, to inform you about the changes of them and to assess the quality of service that we offer to you. For the purposes mentioned above, we need to obtain the following personal data and sensitive personal data :

  • 1.  Full name
  • 2.  Birthdate
  • 3.  Address, street, number, appartment number, city, state, country and zip code.
  • 4.  Phone number and Cell Phone number.
  • 5.  E-mail and other data considered as sensitive according to Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares:
  •   · Various pictures depending on the procedure.
  •   · Medical history : Smoking, hepatitis, diabetes, blood, previous surgeries, pregnancy / lactation, medications in use, alcohol, kidney, heart , allergies, or other problems.

We promise that the information will be treated under measures of administrative, technical and physical security against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or use, unauthorized access or treatment, guaranteeing confidentiality. In case it is required by the authority, any personal and / or sensitive data may be made available to them, in strict compliance with the law.

You have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data and to object to their treatment or revoke the consent given to us. For these procedures, requirements and deadlines, you can contact our Legal department addressing: PAOLA ANGÉLICA ORTÍZ GARCÍA to the telephone (55) 5022 1056 Ext.2300, Addressed in: Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3900, Torre B.P.4, Col. Lomas de Santa Fe, Del. Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05300, Mexico City or visit our website:

We do not transfer your personal data with any other company.

If you want to stop receiving promotional messages from us or limit the data use, you can ask for it calling the next telephones: (55) 5022 1056 Ext. 2300, (55) 9177 3070, (55) 5292-8302, or ending in 03, or if you prefer to the e-email, Addressed to PAOLA ANGÉLICA ORTÍZ GARCÍA (Legal department), address: Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3900, Torre B.P.4, Col. Lomas de Santa Fe, Del. Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05300, Mexico Distrito Federal.

This privacy policy and any amendment thereto, you can consult our website: Last update [1/10/2015]

Medical Disclaimer:

As an express condition of the use of this website, you must accept the following terms.

If you do not accept any of them, do not use the website. Your use of this website, and any participation of the activities mentioned in this website, means your acceptance and legal submission to these terms:

1. The material contained on this website is intended to provide useful information to people considering a surgical approach to their hair loss. Such information shall be used for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace a personal consultation with a hair transplant surgeon, nor is it a substitute for the professional diagnosis of a qualified physician.

2. All content including texts, graphics, images and information available on this website does not seek to provide specific medical advice or other advice and advice to any person or company, and should not be considered in this way.

3. Results may vary. All testimonials presented above are real and were written by patients, clients or actual followers of Kaloni Holding Group S.C. and do not attempt to represent or guarantee that any person will achieve similar or identical results. Please note that the results of treatments and procedures may vary from person to person due to differences in particular health conditions, genetics, post-treatment care, and other factors.

4. All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. The products and services described here are only offered in jurisdictions where they can be legally offered.

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Payments to an international account.

*This webpage is not an ecommerce nor accepts online payments.

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